We’d Like To Live at Home On Bishop (And That’s Not Just The Wine Talking)

We’d Like To Live at Home On Bishop (And That’s Not Just The Wine Talking)

The feel-good vibe at Home on Bishop begins to work its magic before you even step inside. Just a glance in the window of the Oak Cliff boutique is relaxing. Beyond the front door is a boutique that invites both shopping and staying for a while.

 As one of DFW Style Daily’s Best Dressed 2012 honorees, we know Ken Valencia (above, right) for his dapper personal style and keen eye for design. He and business partner Cody Ellison (above, left) opened their new shop just seven months ago, building upon a pair of impressive backgrounds. Ellison comes from the textile industry, where both visual appeal and tactile feel in bedding, throws, pillows, and more, are crucial. Valencia’s luxury retail experience included, most recently, the title of Store Manager at Roberto Cavalli North Park Center. Better than a decade at Donna Karan came before that.

The gents’ joint venture collects all things intimidating in the areas of living, dining, dressing, and gifting, laid out like a home. Whether you have room in your own house or closet for just one more beautiful thing, their philosophy is, “If you like it, you will find it a home!”  Said object of desire could be a plush pillow or divine picture frame, though some of our favorite offerings are wearable. Home on Bishop is killing it in the area of chic, affordable jewelry.

 The secret is, there’s only one of each. Ellison and Valencia adhere to a policy that excludes over-buying and reordering, and they focus on artisanal products made in here in Texas and in the U.S.A. Once an item’s gone, they move on to the next coveted treasure. Yes, this means more work, more visits to Dallas Market Center, but their love for the job and their customers is key.

 Those customers, including both locals and visitors from far beyond, are enticed. Dallas influencers such as Jackson of Fluent, as well as top hotel concierges, already have Home on Bishop in the queue. And on evenings when the wine is flowing, shoppers have been known to linger for sipping and chatting between bursts of browsing.

 This place is called Home for a reason. Only minutes from downtown, the chic spot combines expert product knowledge, artisan wares, and affordable pricing. Visit Home on Bishop at 502 North Bishop Avenue in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts District and online at shopbishoparts.com.


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